My Website Doesn’t Rank In Google?

Why My Website Doesn’t Rank In Google?

This is a common problem for many website owners, who publish what they think is great content, only to discover that for whatever reason, Google hate it and won’t rank you anywhere!

Because of the way that Google ranks websites, there are a wide range of reasons why they don’t consider your website to be good enough to rank & the only way to find out the reason (s) is to go through a website analysis process until you uncover the errors, faults, under optimization or indeed over optimization that is causing the problem.

Firstly, it’s important not to take it personally, Google doesn’t have it in for you, isn’t out to get you or punish you (unless you have really gone over board with too much low quality SEO…… if you have get your site audited 175 Point SEO Audit).

Search engines just wants to list good quality websites that it’s users will benefit from, so they measure not only the content, backlinks, social popularity etc, but they also measure how your visitors interact with your website.

Do visitors stay on site or hit the back button and look for another result that might have the answer to their problem?

Your job is to provide content that meets the needs of your visitors. If they get a benefit from your page then Google will value it much more. In conjunction with that, you need to make sure that your sites’ important SEO metrics fall between the upper and lower limits that Google consider to be ideal.

The issue of course is that Google don’t publish those limits, so you need to have experienced SEO consultants SEO¬≥ on hand to guide you – your can get at or learn about SEO via , it will come down to guesswork to get all of these factors right and climb online.

Google webmaster tools will give you an initial guide as to whether you have any manual penalties applied to your site, otherwise, if there are no notifications there, you will need to analysis your site in depth, for load speed, keyword density, backlink profile, duplicate content, mobile compatability, etc to establish what is holding you back in search.

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