Domestic Cleaning London

Domestic Cleaning London

Domestic cleaning has never been more important to help maintain a safe living environment during the Covid health crisis.

Viruses can live on surfaces and spread quickly if regular cleaning isn’t maintained.

The higher the population density where you live, the more easily viruses can spread.

Keeping safe is of course very important and a priority for everyone. Disinfecting surfaces in and around homes is something that everyone can do to help prevent further outbreaks of a potentially deadly virus.

Most people don’t realise how many communal areas they touch in the course of their day. It doesn’t take much to pick up the virus and to spread it to other areas in your home.

Regular domestic cleaning by good quality cleaning contractors can disinfect all your surfaces, helping to break transmission between people in your home.

Door handles, hand rails, light switches, as well as appliances such as kettles, coffee machines, cupboards etc. are all frequently touched areas that multiple people have contact with.

Domestic Cleaners London provide a high quality cleaning service including disinfecting all communal areas and points of communal contact. This service will not only keep your home looking clean and smelling fresh, but will also help to keep you and your family safe.

Breaking the Infection Chain

It has never been more important to break the infection chain than currently with highly transmissable Covid on the loose in the UK. You can take steps to reduce your exposure with hand washing and surface cleaning.

It is easy to touch an infected surface while outside and then bring potential infection back into your home. Even deliveries have a risk of infection as multiple people will have handled your goods before they reach you.

Taking simple precautions can make sure that your home remains Covid free and will keep your family safe from infection.

How To Sell To Your Contacts Contacts

Learn To Sell To Your Contacts Contacts

 Access to a larger pool of potential customers is one of the perennial problems many businesses face.

What if you were a plumber, how would it benefit you to have an electrician, carpenter, plasterer, tiler, kitchen fitter, architect, flooring specialist, roofer, builder, gardener, alarm installer, decoration, insurance assessor and more all looking for new business for you?

This is how networking works. Personal recommendations from allied trades that are already in front of your potential customers. Continue reading How To Sell To Your Contacts Contacts

UK House Construction

House Construction Today

House construction today, in the majority, follows the method of brick and block construction which is set in most people’s minds, as the traditional solid, secure, permanent build.

Timber frame construction is gaining some popularity, not only in areas such as Scotland with huge local timber resources, but as an alternative, should the circumstances of the build, or the preference of the builder determine it.

Timber frame built housing is not seen as a cheaper method of construction, but it carries some Continue reading UK House Construction

Driven To Distraction By Modern Tech

Driven To Distraction

There could a correlation between an increase the number of cars being driven over the last twenty years, which is 50 per cent, to the number of road signs now present in Britain, which at four and a half million, is up one hundred per cent on twenty years ago.

Or not, but there could be a correlation between the huge number of road signs and the number of car accidents attributable to driver distraction over the last year or so.

The rise in signage timescale has also covered the period of greatly increased in-car technology, with touchscreen controls on dashboards that wouldn’t look out of place in Continue reading Driven To Distraction By Modern Tech

My Website Doesn’t Rank In Google?

Why My Website Doesn’t Rank In Google?

This is a common problem for many website owners, who publish what they think is great content, only to discover that for whatever reason, Google hate it and won’t rank you anywhere!

Because of the way that Google ranks websites, there are a wide range of reasons why they don’t consider your website to be good enough to rank & the only way to find out the reason (s) is to go through a website analysis process until you uncover the errors, faults, under optimization or indeed Continue reading My Website Doesn’t Rank In Google?